11000 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Fla 32246 - AGE: 18 to laugh, 21 to drink
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Non-Smoking Club

Comic Ratings

The Comedy Club of Jacksonville hires the top professional comics. As each week is different, we offer a rating system that you can use to determine which shows you may want to see. Each show has a rating associated with it. Most of our shows fall under a "R" rating.
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We have 2 parts of our rating system: LANGUAGE & CONTENT. The are defined below.

Our rating system:


"soft R" - Main Stream Adult Humor

'R' - Adult humor that may include some edgy parts.


"soft R" - No F-Bombs.

"R" - May contain "F" bombs and some edgy content.



Chistmas Parties!!

The Comedy Club of Jacksonville is a great place for groups and Christmas Parties. With spacious seating, full bar and kitchen plus company/corporate approved comedy. Now booking for holiday parties with great deals. We are excited about presenting some of the biggest comedians that are touring today. Call 904.646.HAPPY (4277) to book your Christmas party TODAY!

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