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Jacksonville, Fla 32246 - AGE: 18 to laugh, 21 to drink
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Non-Smoking Club

Comic Ratings

Get a Jerry Seinfeld style of a show, not a Jerry Springer!


The Comedy Club of Jacksonville hires the smartest comics on the road who perform well thought out material WITHOUT the vulgarity. Not just sometimes, but every week our comics will offer what we call an "R" content and "soft R" language rated performance. Be aware that our comics deliver an 'adult content' comedy show, but without all the 'F' bombs or other hard core language normally associated with stand up comedy. We deliver a Jerry Seinfeld style show, not a Jerry Springer. 

We have 2 parts of our rating system: LANGUAGE & CONTENT. The are defined below.

Our rating system:


'R' - Adult humor with no hard core vulgarity or content.


"soft R" - No F-Bombs.



Company/Group Bookings

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