11000 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Fla 32246 - AGE: 18 to laugh, 21 to drink
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The Comedy Club of Jacksonville opened in November 2012. Focused on great service, delicious food and first rate ADULT comedy, we offer a variety of comedy styles and rated shows every week. Our comics appear on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Comedy Central and many other national credits.

8:04PM - EVERY 8:04pm show of EVER week we provide shows WITHOUT the "F" bomb. It is ADULT humor without the "F" bomb and rated soft "R". Get a Jerry Seinfeld style of show, not Jerry Springer at EVERY 8:04pm show.

10:10pm - Every 10:10pm show will be UNCUT. Rated "R" and could include edgy humor and "F" bombs.


MORE ROOM - The Comedy Club of Jacksonville seats 300 comfortably. Our tables are bigger (because we serve great  food), and tables are spaced with more square footage per person, unlike the cramped seating of most other comedy clubs. No longer do you have to sit on the lap of the person you are seated next to, but stretch out and enjoy top national touring artists at the Comedy Club of Jacksonville. 

ANOTHER DIFFERENCE in the Comedy Club of Jacksonville is there is NO two item minimum for our guest. Buy a ticket and that's it. We do have a full kitchen with high quality food and full bar plus we have great prices on our items. Our service is fast and convenient and we hope you indulge.

 BEST SEATS: Check out The Best Seats in the House. For that special occasion or just a fun night out, The Best Seats in the House are actual front bucket seats from a 2007 XJ8 Jaguar automobile. They are functional for a custom seat position plus includes your first beverage.

SAVING LIVES: The Comedy Club of Jacksonville is excited to work with The Blood Alliance in Jacksonville. In conjunction with The Blood Alliance, Jacksonville companies who participate in a blood drive and exceed their goal, the donors earn a pair of tickets to a great night of comedy. Companies are recognized during the show with a stage shout out and an "Thank You" slide on our pre-show projector slide show. Even though it is proven that laughter can extend your life, by donationg blood and sharing a laugh with us is a double shot of "Feel Good". (click here for more details)


10:10pm UNCUT Shows

Every 10:10pm show will be rated "R". "F" bombs may be present and content could be edgy. Every Friday & Saturday 10:10pm show will be UNCUT.

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